Sunday, 18th of August. First B was Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary. It is not (yet) bird season: Second B was Balachadi Poonam Beach: Last B, but not least, we saw Chennai Express (cool huh):   #ibmcsc india 20 Advertisements

15 August is a special day in India  commemorating the nation’s independence from British rule in 1947. Our hosts invited us to join the celebration in Nandniketan township near Jamnagar.     #ibmcsc india 20

After two full days of administrative tasks, presentations and meetings we have visited Vadinar school as a preparation for our research. I will not talk about material conditions and teachers. It’s enough to say that is a governmental school sponsored, among other, by ESSAR. A memorable moment was when Katrin and Paula were learning a […]

After kick-off meeting where we get know better each other we went to Lakhota Lake in the center of Jamnagar. Here we find the most beautiful temple “Shri Bala Hanuman”. It is world famous and has achieved name in Guinness Book of world records for continuous 24-hours chanting of the “Ram Naam”, since August 1, […]

After breakfast Kabi invited us for a masala chai prepapred in street #ibmcsc india 20

First of all check Keith’s post. He did a great job catching “first impression”. I will add some pictures: #ibmcsc india 20

Flight to Mumbai was over Romania: … and also over Jamnagar, our final destination: We met Katrin in Mumbai after landing. Local time 21:30. Outside 27 Celsius and uncomfortable humidity. Shruti was waiting for us and we went to hotel. I couldn’t sleep till 3:00am. Morning, I was almost late, but no one noticed. After […]