Monthly Archives: August 2013

Day+19: Happy Birthday, Anton!

Today we did a surprise party for Anton.   #ibmcsc india 20 Advertisements

Day+15: Temples

Saturday I made a trip with Nina, Katrin and Paula. Destination: three temples located in or around Dwarka, one of seven most ancient cities in India. On our way to Dwarka we met a camel herd. We all took pictures: The Dwarakadheesh temple (43 m) is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, who is […]

Day+14: Work

We are at the middle of our journey. This week we visited government schools around ESSAR Refinery. Please visit Nina and Elyse posts about  schools. I will add a short video with ESSAR school band performance: And if you saw Elyse post regarding the India map made from sand in ESSAR lobby, they change it: […]

Day+11: Happy Rakhi

Tomorrow is Raksha Bandhan (the bond of protection) or Rakhi an important Hindu festival which celebrates the relationship between brothers (shaurya), cousins and sisters. I gave racki to all team:   #ibmcsc india 20

Day+9: Birds, Beach and Bollywood

Sunday, 18th of August. First B was Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary. It is not (yet) bird season: Second B was Balachadi Poonam Beach: Last B, but not least, we saw Chennai Express (cool huh):   #ibmcsc india 20

Day+6: Happy Independance Day

15 August is a special day in India  commemorating the nation’s independence from British rule in 1947. Our hosts invited us to join the celebration in Nandniketan township near Jamnagar.     #ibmcsc india 20

Day+5: Gujarati welcome dance

After two full days of administrative tasks, presentations and meetings we have visited Vadinar school as a preparation for our research. I will not talk about material conditions and teachers. It’s enough to say that is a governmental school sponsored, among other, by ESSAR. A memorable moment was when Katrin and Paula were learning a […]