Note: WOW is not an acronym.

About Statement of Work

Project Title
Improving the Quality of English Language Teaching in Government Schools through Gap Analysis & Other Activities

Assigned Volunteers
Elyse, Nina, Paula, Katrin and myself

Objective of Assignment
To do a gap value assessment of the Government schools near Essar refinery with a special focus on English teaching, with the objective of improving the quality of education in the government schools. Within this main objective are the following sub-objectives:

  • Based on the findings and recommendations of gap analysis, design an Essar employee volunteer program, that furthers the objective of improving quality education, especially in English
  • Review of 2013 Bal Vividha mela activities and to design creative and participatory programs for NGOs and participating organizations for fun Learning activities, teacher workshops, and any other activities to strengthen the objective of improving quality education in English language teaching and learning.

Activities to Attain Objectives

  1. Hold initial meeting with management to review scope of work, understand mutual expectations, and determine assignment action plan
  2. Revise, if necessary, scope of work within one week based on current situation
  3. Field visits to schools, both primary and secondary
  4. Interview stakeholders i.e. students, teachers, parents, administrators, school committees, Sarpanch
  5. Interview District Education Officer and other relevant government administrators
  6. Assess English as a subject’s curriculum, pedagogy and teaching materials
  7. Gain understanding of Essar’s Annual Education Fair (Bal Vividha), both past and plans for upcoming fair
  8. Gain understanding of Essar’s Jamnagar Refinery CSR programs and objectives
  9. Interview some Essar Jamnagar Refinery employees in regards to CSR volunteering
  10. Provide regularly updated briefings with organization’s management and/or working group on assignment progress, including final summary presentation on assignment results and recommended next step.

CSC assignments are consulting assignments. To be successful we need a base level understanding of consulting methodologies and also more background on how to engage clients in emerging markets.

About Issue-Based Consulting

One approach to viewing client engagements addresses: (1) the extent to which the business solution is known or unknown and (2) the degree to which the customer’s perception of the problem is structured or unstructured. These two dimensions create a two-by-two matrix for categorizing client engagements.

  1. Solution Known/Problem Structured: Standard problems that have a known business solution (e.g., package software implementation)
  2. Solution Known/Problem Unstructured: Non-standard problems that have a known business solution (e.g., tied to best practices)
  3. Solution Unknown/Problem Structured: Standard problems that have an unknown business solution (e.g., custom software development)
  4. Solution Unknown/Problem Unstructured: Non-standard problems that have an unknown business solution (e.g., Issue-Based Consulting)


As the customer’s perception of its business problem becomes more clouded, the business solution also fails to take shape. Because “unknown and unstructured” is the most complex of the categories, Issue-Based Consulting (IBC) helps to discover the problem and define a solution. Issue Based Consulting is a well known free to use conceptual framework of diagnoses and problem solving.


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